Niche Legal Practitioners Providing Specialist Project Management Services

We provide specialist project management services to legal counsel of multinational companies. Our ability to integrate corporate intelligence with legal capabilities is a force multiplier.

Rubus Law

Comprises Of

Abigail Ronald-Louw Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers

Regulated by the Legal Practice Council (LPC) in South Africa

Rubus Avocat

Regulated by the Conseil National Des Barreaux (CNB) in France

what makes us different

Our services include​

Rubus Law is a network of independent law firms. While each member firm is an independent law firm rendering professional services on an individual and separate basis, Rubus Law members are affiliated via the Rubus Group; our growing international footprint enables us to collaborate on the procurement and project management of best in class legal and non-legal services providers for entrepreneurs and corporate clients. 

Identifying Threats

Our ability to integrate corporate intelligence with legal capabilities is a force multiplier.

Managing Projects

We select professional service providers based on their areas of technical excellence, geographic location and sector experience.
Our role supports the risk management of complex transactions and the execution of your best response to threats, particularly where management must act under conditions of urgency and incomplete information.

rubus law

We are associated with

Rubus Group

Rubus Information Services Ltd has over twenty years’ experience supplying intelligence to companies who need to make urgent decisions under conditions of uncertainty. Rubus Group has evolved to advising companies on how to use imperfect information to formulate their best strategic response to events that threaten their business model or assets.

Financial Engineering

FES Financial Engineering Services Ltd is a niche Actuarial Consultancy with a proven track record leveraging our actuarial knowledge and risk management experience to develop and license innovative insurance products (Life and non-Life) to blue chip Assurance/Insurance institutions in Europe.